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Fall 2023 Biomedical Sciences U.S. Ph.D. Program Applications


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Received an offer of admission one week after interviewing at UCSF Biomedical Sciences.

It feels surreal, especially after a lot of self doubt, to be admitted to one of my top choice programs despite having weak grades and no first author papers. 

Main strengths: Good SOP, LOR, worked at UCSF for 2.5 years, and my LOR writer I think is well known at UCSF for providing good training for SRAs in their lab. A lot of independent research projects in undergrad and postgrad, which I think were ultimately still important and came through in LOR+SOP.

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Hi all! Now that I have all but one decision back I thought I'd share my personal timeline of decisions for future cycles of applicants in case it's helpful! Heads up of course that this is subject to change in future years!

I submitted all applications the week before/up until the day before the deadline with the exception of both Hopkins programs (I decided to apply after the deadline and they graciously let me).

Results: applied: 13, interviews: 12, accepted: 10, waitlist: 1, rejected: 2

Harvard BBS: Interview invite: 12/16, Interview: 1/31, Accepted: 2/7

Yale BBS: Interview invite: 12/21, Interview: 1/9-1/13, Accepted: 1/21

Stanford Cancer Bio: Interview invite: 1/10, Interview: 2/14-2/16, Accepted: 2/23

MIT Bio: Interview invite: 1/6, Interview: 2/11-2/14, Accepted: 2/24

Columbia CMBS: Interview invite (1st round): 12/13, Interview: 1/9-1/13, Interview invite (2nd round): 1/17, Interview: 2/24-26, Accepted: 3/9

Sloan Kettering: Interview invite: 12/22, Interview: 1/10-1/12, Accepted: 1/30

Rockefeller: Interview invite: 12/22, Interview: 1/10-1/12, Accepted: 1/30

Johns Hopkins BCMB (late application): Interview invite: 1/13, Interview: 2/2-2/5 , Accepted: 2/14

Johns Hopkins CMM (late application): Interview invite: 1/17, Interview: 2/16-2/17, Waitlisted (1st on list)

UCLA GREAT: Interview invite: 12/20, Interview: 1/23-1/26, Accepted: 2/16

University of Washington MCB: Interview invite: 12/21, Interview: 2/8-2/10, Accepted: 2/15

Weill Cornell BCMB: Interview invite (1st round): 12/5, Interview: 1/4-1/5, Rejected: 1/11

Mt. Sinai: Rejected: 1/9


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