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Should I retake the GRE


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Hello! I'm an international applicant intending to apply next Fall for the entering class of Fall of 2024. I already applied to PhD programs before, but this was in 2020/2021 -- an absolutely brutal cycle. Back then I got rejected from all schools I applied to, but I want to try my luck again next cycle.

My GRE score from back in 2020 is 165Q/163V/4.0AW. I'm worried in particular about the low AW score, but also just want to ask in general if this would be considered a good-enough score for admission at top-20-ranked PhD programs? I really don't want to retake the GRE, but if it increases my chances, I'd rather get started on reviewing the material now before it's too late. Any input from you all is appreciated!

A little bit more about my background: I did my undergrad (GPA 3.9) and M.A. (GPA 3.8) at Top-20 US universities, but I was born and raised in Europe and I'm not a native English speaker. I have some experience in research working as an R.A. and writing B.A. and M.A. theses, but no notable publications except for a few at my undergrad's undergrad political science journal. I'm currently working as a data analyst/data scientist, and I'm leaning towards a more quant-y focus in PhD. Thank you all!

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