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MA from school that offer terminal or from school that has phd prrogram


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If i were to get MA in political science to strengthen my app before applying for phd, Would you recommend getting it from institution that offer MA only (whom they do not have phd programs) or getting from institution that offer both terminal MA and phd pol scie?

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If you know you are planning to apply for a PhD int he future, I don't think you need to worry about whether the school you go to for a terminal MA in Poli Sci has a PhD or not. I would focus more on finding a program that has well renowned professors in your field. Learning from top quality people and having them write your LORs will be a big help in future PhD applications.

To be honest, I don't know of too many terminal MA programs in Poli Sci (probably because I haven't really looked for them), so out of curiosity, where are you thinking?

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Since i live in MN, was thinking around Midwest or any affordable MA. University of Minnesota does not offer MA terminal. Only en route to PHd. still doing research to see who offer MA. So far, i found, Universtiy of Wisconsin- milwaukee, Universty of missouri-colombia, University of Missouri-st Louis. University of Arkansa, Any recommendation for good MA.

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