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Hey everybody,

I was wondering if there are any other geo majors out there looking at programs right now. How are you researching the programs? What are you all looking for in the programs? I feel like it is all a bit much, and that there are not that many resources out there, at least that I can find. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Greetings fellow geologist!

The way I've been looking for programs is purely based on my research interests. I've been interested in a certain line of research for a few years now, and I basically looked up the names of people who have been writing cool papers about the topic. From there, I take a closer look at the programs. Basically, I've narrowed down my list to about 6 choices, and the things I've been looking at the most (at this point) are how interesting the professor's research is to me and location. Of course, there are other things influencing me (things I've heard about certain professors, resources available, etc), but a professor of mine told me it'd be better to think about those things later in the process.

For me, going to conferences is another good way to hear about programs and talk to potential advisors. A school would have a booth set up or I'd meet someone with a super cool poster and talk to them about the school. (GSA is coming up!)

I also had a talk to both my research advisor and academic advisor. They told me about which places have good programs (beyond the usual top-presitigious ones).

Anyway, that's just me. What sort of thing are you interested in? I've heard about some programs in different fields.

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I am currently doing research on paleoclimates using isotopes from forms found in Antarctica, I have about 2 of the cores for that sample, and my lab is working with one over in Stanford. But I am thinking that my interests for grad school, I want to switch over to looking more at the environments that you can find in stratigraphic record. So I guess you can say that I am much more of the historical geology.

I have been looking at some schools based on my research interests, and have liked how some of them look, but I am hoping that I won't miss any interesting school that I would like to look at as well. But then again, I still have time to look around. And because of my research, I will probably be going to some conferences, so I most likely be taking advantage of that before I start applying. And I would like to get the opportunity to go to one of the GSA conferences.

Also, my advisors, both research and academic, have been very helpful in giving me advice, as well as trying to get me in touch with some people that they know, and I am hoping that helps.

What programs are you interested in?

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Cool beans! I do paleoclimate too, but I definitely want to do more of what I'm doing.

As far as schools go, 4 out of my top 6 choices are in California. Going to school in California does lead to a west-coast bias, but a lot of the UCs have pretty good programs. Stanford is on the list, and I'm probably interested in the same lab that you mentioned (small world, haha).

Are you on the Isogeochem listserv? I've seen a lot of people emailing about phd opportunities/research projects in Europe.

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The research that I am working on is all cool and everything and that, and I am not completely ruling it out right now. It is a definite continuation for me. I am currently at Queens College, but my research advisor is also connected with the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, which is also associated with Columbia U, (also a school that I am looking at). The lab that we are working on with this at Stanford is with Robert Dunbar, (this is very much a recent paleooceanography project). I am trying to keep my options open. I like what I am doing, but I think that I would be interested in paleobio stuff as well, over a longer period of time.

And no, I didn't even know about that listserv yet, but I can see that being a good resource. But do we know how different/ difficult getting into a European school would be from the states?

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