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  1. I got a rejection last week from University of Texas - Austin last week, only because I emailed them. They said that the official letters were coming out this week though. I wish you better luck then me!
  2. So now I am down to just one school. Heard back from another school recently, and it's another rejection. One school left. Here's to hoping, since it was my second choice school!
  3. This is what I am trying to think as well. There is always next year. From coming to this site I have lately been reminding myself there are other students who are more qualified students then myself who have had the bad luck to apply the one year that it was a bad time for them to apply, and in following years got into schools that they applied to. I am just hoping that if I don't get in this year, that I have better luck next year.
  4. So at this point, I am looking at three rejections, and still two unknowns. Out of those two unknowns, I am thinking that one is a definite rejection, and the other one I think is not looking that great either. Not necessarily impossible, in my cynical mind, but unlikely, mainly do to the fact that they take so few people. But at this point it looks like I have a good start for my plan B, which I have been thinking a lot about this season. Considering what I want to do in the future, with a PhD, I am hoping that it really does work. It is also with the museum that I am hoping to work with w
  5. Got rejected last night from Columbia. Dissapointed, but not horribly suprised at this point. I feel like I would have heard something more if it was going to happen. Oh well, if I don't get in this year anywhere, I will try agian next year. Three more schools to go.
  6. Well, I find myself still having hope. One school just sent at least one rejection, after the first round of acceptances, and I didn't get one yet. As there are still a few weeks before this deadline, I am hoping that means I still have a chance there, maybe. ;-) That is how I am looking at it at this point. If I am not rejected, there is even a bit of hope. But I emailed them this morning to see if they would like any updates, and asking how the process is going. *crosses fingers for a good response* I'll probably start emailing the other 3 schools I haven't heard back from in the next couple
  7. To both of you, I think this week is going to be the week that I contact them. There also seem to be a lot of people in this boat, and I am wondering if this is something that is common.
  8. I think at this point I am going to start contacting schools before the deadline. Just to see where they are. At this point I am already looking at jobs to improve my application for the next round. It is looking more and more bleak as time goes on. But at this point if they all reject me, I will disappointed, but I think I have reached the point of acceptance that that is the way that it worked out this year. There is always more time to try again.
  9. Backup plan b to getting into grad school this year? Totally getting out on a good start!

  10. My life is having to much excitement, good and bad, and all of it unfortunately not having to do with me knowing about getting into grad school.

    1. Canadianlinguist


      Mine was like that a year ago, and hear I am doing this again...just relax and smile someway somehow it will work out

  11. I feel that wit the amount of amazingly great applicants on GC, people always forget there are some slightly less great people like us who are still waiting to hear from some or all of our schools. The wait doesn't seem any less stressful though.
  12. Still haven't heard from 4/5 of my schools! Maybe this week? First offers for one of the schools I applied to are supposed to respond by this Thursday.....
  13. Congrats! Are you going to wait for all of your schools to finish getting back to you, or do you now know where you want to go?
  14. I was just reading some articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education and came across this article, and I am wondering if it is a similar situation within the geosciences. I ask, because it seems like in many other respects, the geosciences seem slightly different then other sciences, but gives me the impression that it would still take up a lot of ones time.
  15. What's the sound crickets make agian? It seems like they make the perfect representation of the kind of silence that grates on ones nerves. *insert annoying silence filling sound here*
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