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  1. Hey guys, I am not going in to law but I am faced with a huge delima, and I wondered if you could help me. I would rather PM someone than right it on here, but the short version is, I am applying to schools and have some impressive acceptances, but zero funding anywhere. The thing is, I am a good student, but my school pulled me from a program, in a very questionable way a year ago, and that is killing me in the application process. I owe a lot of people a lot for helping me get through this, but I never wanted to open a can of worms by sueing, but now that I can't afford grad school I think it may be the best thing..... I just hope that someone, a future lawyer who understand the application process, wouldn't made hearing my story and giving me advice. I want to pay back the people who have helped me without killing my Phd shot. ANyways......if you wouldn't mind hearing me out, please let me know... Thanks
  2. You can get into some MA programs without a lingusitics specific background, but others will reject you, or will conditionally admit you until you take required courses. Could you take an elective or something through your program now? Sorry if thats a silly question I really have no idea, but some programs have an introdductory course that students are required to take first (is Syracuse) but I think its safe to say that a linguistics background is a huge assest in the admissions process
  3. Any one going to Syracuse this fall pleeeeasssse PM me!!!! question for you, need the prespecitive of students in differnt programs and or other international students...this is so stressful...

    1. Bubbles8697


      I am heading to Syracuse!

  4. No and I am really really really shocked....I know I couldn't go since no one is funded...but if they reject me i'd still be sad
  5. Yeah don't worry your forsure not alone!!
  6. I am still waiting for MSU, EMU, U of Minn (linguistics), colorado, all M.A programs....so your not alone.
  7. Congrads!! I hope to be posting similar news soon! I am so happy for you, and thank you for sharing this, you have given me hope. I don't really know your story, but it doesn't matter, this is my second application season too, last year I hit a road block beyond my control that stopped me from getting into school, and I woke up today feeling extra bad becuase of another rjection. You've made me realize its not over yet So congrads again and thanks!
  8. Thank you and that makes sense. I feel kinda stupid for being sso sure I was getting in.
  9. yeah I have two rejections too, and good I am glad you liked it!
  10. Words of wisdom I recieved after a recjection a while back....enjoy..... (one of my professors found it in some book and e-mailed me the quote. "So you rejected me? Well I am too good to there. So now I am going to a lower ranked school? Yes, to study under professors who believe in me. So my application was imperfect? Well to another school/job it was flawless. So your rejection made me cry? I'll laugh the day I get into a Phd program. So I am scared about gettin in nowhere? Someway somehow something will work out and i'll be better off ...a rejection letter isn't an inslut, its not personal, and it doesn't mean your not smart enough....it just means that wasn't met to be, and your met for something better. One day youll look back and smile at your rejections, and thank god that they were not acceptances."
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