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  1. Applying to top Div schools--

    Well Harvard is my first choice actually.
  2. Applying to top Div schools--

    Hi All: Applying to M.A./M.T.S. programs at top divinity schools this year. Actually, there are only a few schools with my concentration, which is broadly in the field of Hindu ethics. I'll only be applying to a few schools, but my top choices are Harvard and Yale as they have specialists in my area. I have a 3.8 GPA from a small school on the West Coast, a very strong litany of experiences being chair of my school's multi-religious organization, speak four languages including ancient and modern languages relevant to my discipline, completed a U.S. Student Fulbright grant in India, and have what I think is an incredible SOP as well as excellent LORs. I feel there is only one major setback to my success as an applicant: my GRE score. I scored 154Q 156V 5.0AWA. I know these scores aren't jaw dropping, but they aren't horrible either. Can you please comment on my situation? Thanks so much
  3. Hi all: After writing several official practice exams, ETS is predicting my scores to be at a solid 151 Quant 157 Verbal 5.5 AWA. From what I understand, MTS requirements are not as stringent as Ph.D. requirements, particularly when it comes to test scores. The rest of my application is very strong. Do I still have a chance of admission at Yale, Duke and Harvard, or do these scores more or less disqualify me? I really appreciate any feedback. Thanks all
  4. Getting into HDS or YDS for Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

    Yale Div does not require GRE scores. Are you sure you information is up to date?
  5. Getting into HDS or YDS for Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

    On the topic of HDS: does anyone know what average GRE scores look like? I'm wondering how a low Quant score (25%) might influence my application, the rest of which, is pretty exceptional. Thanks.
  6. Strong app with low GRE: What to expect

    What was the result for you folks? Did you hear anything else about the GRE predicament? I'm currently in that same boat right now...
  7. Hi all: First time poster here. I want to ask about how much the GRE Quant section actually matters for admissions to HDS. All aspects of my application are extremely competitive however, there is one setback: my Quant score. While my Verbal scores and AWA are well above averages, my Quant is at a dismal 20%. Could this be a deal breaker for me? Might I be weeded out of the competition before my application ever reaches someone's desk? Thanks for your feedback.