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Am I even a good candidate? Political Science


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Hey everyone, happy holidays! Would be interested in what you think, especially for Oxford. I know my undergrad GPA is low but I have great research positions and experience in getting funding, and I'm certain that I'll get great LORs.

Schools / Programs: I only am looking at one-year programs, Oxford's MSc in Politics Research (top choice), University of Toronto's MA in Political Science, University of British Columbia MA in Political Science, Central European University MA Political Science, Trinity College Dublin MA in International Politics.

Undergrad: One of the better universities in France, spent the last year at the University of Geneva. 

Post-graduate: Digital Humanities master at France's top school. Very prestigious.

Degrees: Undergrad bachelors in Social Science with a good amount of courses in PoliSci. Currently doing an MSc in Digital Humanities at France's most prestigious school.

GPA: This is my negative imho, I have a 3.4/4.0. But in my current master's I'll end up with a 3.9/4.0.

GRE: DId not take the GRE.

Language Skills: Amazigh, Arabic, English and French all fluently.

Work Experience: I am currently a research assistant at Sorbonne University and the National Institute for Art History. Just before this, I was a research assistant at Sciences Po. I interned at a think tank before (with somewhat big achievements) and worked at a polling institution. Going to SantAnna School of Advanced Studies during spring, then to University of Toronto for the summer, both for research internships.

LOR: Thesis supervisor (Sciences Po), research position supervisor (Sorbonne Université), and a current professor (Ecole Normale Supérieure). All should be pretty solid.

International Experience: Lived in like 8 countries. Interned and worked around the world.

Quant Experience: Lots of R and Python and other stuff during my Digital Humanities master.

SOP: Will write about my experiences doing research, my master's thesis subject and my interest in comparartive politics and personal life and how as a refugee it wasn't easy for me.

Other: A bunch of decent scholarships (around 30k and this is Europe so they aren't concerning tuition fee), just won one of $12,000CAD from the Canadian government for a research internship at the University of Toronto.

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Your profile looks good.  It's a pet peeve of mine when people focus so much on their gpa.  It comes off a certain way.  Top schools look at applicants holistically, not at numbers in isolation.  Make sure your SOP and LORs are tight and good luck.  

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