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Fall 23: Berkeley Jurisprudence and Social Policy

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Hey y’all , even though it’s only January, I thought I’d start this thread for us to all panic together waiting for JSP decisions. 
while you’re here, fell free to drop info about your interests! After all, we may soon be cohort members!

Personally, I’m interested in civil rights law and policy, (especially Disability policy) and I’d like to use Sociology to add an extra lens to my work. 
I also plan to complete my JD while at Berkeley. I’m interested in litigating civil rights cases in addition to studying the structures and circumstances they arise under. 

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I just found this thread and am super nervous as well. Do you think we would hear by the 4th of February like in the past few years or would it take longer? If so, we should know in less than a week if it's good news. (Touch wood and fingers crossed)

I’m interested in interdisciplinary work concerning human rights, conflict studies, international law and policy. I am going to be looking at war crimes/human rights violations investigations using OSINT tools and am looking at developing methodology around it.

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Hey, did anyone hear back this week? Typically it looks like results are in the first week of February so I'm very nervous about not hearing anything. 

I'm interested in criminal justice issues, with a focus on addressing mass incarceration and excessive criminalisation.

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Just a heads up, Berkeley JSP students are currently going through the labor contract negotiation process. So I’d be unsurprised if decisions are just going to be later this year. 
Then again, maybe I got rejected! Lol 

Time will tell. For now, I recommend we all get some rest and self care. I know that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend. 

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I am also feeling very nervous about the result of JSP applicaiton because I have received several rejections of other programs.

I am interested in law & society and empirical legal studies. I hope to apply some quantitative or computational methods to explore some issues on law enforcement or other relevant issues on law & society.

My research concentration is China so Chinese judicial documents will also be my important data source.

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Hey y’all! Welcome to academic purgatory. 

All of the topics here sound really interesting! It’d be great to work with any/all of you. 

I also applied to the JD, however I’m a “super splitter” so I expect I won’t hear back on that until March-ish.

Also, I was wrong about the labor contract- that was agreed upon a few weeks ago. Oops. ?


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congrats to those who have heard back! No answer for me yet, so probably a rejection. Such is life- I will reapply next cycle! 

also, just so y’all know, a JSP faculty member passed away last week. Prof. Edelman. Her work upended DEI in the workplace, and it’s a major loss to our field. It seems she had the rare quality of being both a brilliant scholar and a very good person. I’d have very much liked to have met her, as she and I shared subspecialties and quite a few viewpoints.

I highly recommend you all read her book “working law”. If you’re going to work in the US, it’s very important to our workplace culture, and is the story of a career well spent  



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