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Is making corrections on thesis OK after examiners approved but before submission? un-watch this thread

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So I recently passed my PhD viva with minor corrections. After making these corrections, receiving approval of my corrections, and waiting for permission to upload to my uni's research archive I noticed some mistakes that my examiners nor my PI spotted. Some were minor, which included formatting and grammar errors. Others included the wrong concentration listed for a chemical and forgetting to put quotes and a citation around  2 sentences that I knew was taken from a paper. I made these corrections immediately, but then I began contemplating whether what I did was right. 

On one hand, I know my thesis will be a resource for the lab and I don't want it to be wrong or ambiguous for future members. And if I know its wrong and do nothing about it, esp. with forgetting the quotes (=plagiarism), isn't that plain ignorant not what I was trained to do as a scholar? But on the other hand, I feel its quite sketchy because I'm correcting after the fact my examiners approved. My university's policy states that no corrections whatsoever can be made after our division board grants me permission to graduate and submit to the library's online archive by notice. I made these corrections before the written notice was provided and stopped as soon as I got it. 

What should I do at this point? 

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