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Average GRE Scores per Program


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I'm sorry if this topic is redundant but I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a resource out there that lists the average GRE scores of those accepted to various programs. I am specifically interested in applying to Statsitics/Biostatistics masters programs, but many of the program websites I've been to keep things ambiguous, stating only that GRE scores need to be submitted.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


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If you go to about.com, they have the average GRE scores for accepted schools from 2004-2008 for some of the common schools that are applied to. Just look up the article 'What's a good GRE score?'.

Here are some links to it. Take it with a grain of salt, but it gives you a good idea of what you are looking at. It might not include all the schools that you are looking at, and does not include the most recent data.

Average GRE Scores for Top Private Universities

Average GRE Scores for Top Public Universities

Average GRE Scores for Top Private Universities (besides the Ivy Leagues)

Average GRE Scores by Major

@anthropologygeek: It all depends on the program and school that you are applying. A lot of the schools that I am looking at tend not to, because it varies around so much as to what they are looking for, and how many people they will accept. It also depends on who actually fits into the program. They don't seem to want you give up, or expect that you are going to get into a program based on the numbers alone. (or at least thats what they say). Personally I would like to know what they are all the same just so I know what parts that I can work on should be worked on.

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Every school I've looked at has had it posted. Average and min posted. Some easier than others to find. One actually took me 45 minutes to find but I was able to.

Hi anthropologygeek, do you usually find this information at the department level or at the graduate school level? I ask because for most of the schools I've looked at, this information (particularly the admissions info) isn't available for my department and doesn't seem to be available from the grad school either.

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Here are Princeton Univ.'s GRE statistics from 2006.

Verbal -

School of Engineering admits - 595

Humanities department admits - 678

Quantitative -

School of Engineering admits - 785

Humanities department admits - 673

I doubt the overall score is at all important for admission to these programs, but these numbers do indicate that those aiming for top Engineering programs hit in the high 700's on the quant and that those in the Humanities try to land in the mid 600's on the verbal section (for any hyper competitive program in these fields). This subject has been debated ad nauseum on this forum, but I think these are good thresholds to aim for without further undue obsession over the GRE as a standalone measure -- especially "verbal" for humanities and "quant" for engineering as the primarily meaningful targets.

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Thanks everybody for the tips. It seems to me that while schools generally don't list the average GPA of those accepted per individual program, they are more or lest listed by broader field of interested per school. It leaves things a little murky for me as someone interested in statistics to get lumped in with pure math and engineering applicants but is still generally pretty helpful. Thanks again.

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If you google gre test scores one of the first sites that pops up has all the major universities and thier average GRE scores plus average GPA for graduate students. Granted the information is slightly outdated (2007), but I hope this helps.

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If you download the Powerprep program from ETS, it lists worldwide scores and percentile rankings (under "Reports" on the top-level menu).

Those graphs are very outdated (year 2002-2003), but they can give you some idea of what range you need to be in.

As Milestones13 (I think) said, this subject has been run through the mill extensively.

Also, I'm not sure anyone said it, but for virtually all programs in all universities, GPA, letters of recommendation, and any research and/or teaching experience you have are all more important than your GRE.

The GRE just gets your application in the "look more carefully" pile rather than the "send immediate rejection letter" pile.


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