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New NRC Rankings Released


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I don't have much knowledge about the NRC rankings of US doctoral programs, but realized they came out today, and like a kid at Christmas, I just HAD to go on my computer and look at them.

Er, wasn't worth it. Especially because my field (business) isn't considered at all. Psychology and economics program probably have the closest relation to us.

The rankings are a bit tedious to understand. Anyway, thought I'd put some helpful links up for those who want to check them out:

http://nap.edu/rdp/ - the official release- need to "sign in" to download free PDF and excels, but it's simple, just enter your email

http://chronicle.com...C-Rankings/321/ - easiest way to manage these and see what the results really mean

Someone mentioned phds.org as well though I didn't check that out.

And also, as a side note, I'm wondering what other PhD programs were left off the list? So far, I can say business, including: accounting, finance, management/OB, etc. Also, there was no distinction in psychology program between I/O psych, clinical psych, etc.

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It gives you a good idea on your field, and some of the schools I am looking at, but does not say much about sub specialities within each department. But it gives a good idea of what you are looking at, how much funding the department has, how many see the light at the end of the tunnel for that program and all of that.

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