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Deciding on programs for International Development


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I'm looking into applying for International Development/Public Policy programs for Fall 2011. I'm very confused about what programs I should pick....would appreciate some feed back. Based on my experience/grades what would be some good programs to apply to? (also getting some funding is crucial!)

GPA: 3.63 (top 15 liberal arts college), honors in International relations

study abroad experience

GRE: 660V/720Q/5.0 AWA

minimal quantitative experience

Washington DC internship experience and developing country work experience (education non profit) for 9 months

Programs I'm looking into: GW-Elliot, Columbia-SIPA, GPPI, NYU-Wagner, Fordham-IPED......need some good back up schools...suggestions?


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Also consider Stanford's International Policy Studies Program. Fukuyama just moved to Stanford from SAIS. But like SAIS, its a program that emphasizes quantitative readiness...

You could look at School of International Service American University, Korbel at the Univ of Denver, SAIS at John Hopkins,

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Wow... SAIS, American and Stanford are considered backups?!

I was thinking the same, but I know they're Definitely not. SAIS is one of the best terminal MA programs in the country, and particularly so for IDEV.

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