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AGU 2010


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Okay, here's some highlights:

- Out of the 7 (primary) professors I'm applying to work with, 5 were there, and I spoke with two. Only one of the five I hadn't already met in person, but he was one that I spoke to. Score!

- I ended up missing all the keynote lectures, argh! And I heard the Emiliani lecture was fantastic, and I reaaaally wanted to see it (I overslept). Fortunately, it'll be online... phew. Note: All the plenaries are online, so go watch them!

- I got to see some old friends from a few summers ago, and that was great! And I met so many new people, too.

- The biogeoscience reception. was. ridiculous.

- Tuesday and Wednesday had so many great posters/talks!!

- I love going to conferences and seeing big name celebrity scientists just walking around or hanging out and drinking beer. What I love even more is meeting someone and talking with them for an hour, and then seeing their full name on their tag and realizing they write all the papers you read. laugh.gif

- All the free minute maid on the street corners was getting pretty excessive by Friday.

Overall, a good week indeed. happy.gif

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I guess I'll post some of my impressions as well.

  • I, too, spoke with two potential advisors with whom I had previously communicated by email. But I probably have much broader interests than you, katerific--I'm interested in at least a dozen research groups. I had met with some of the professors at their heads awhile back (during a visit to another campus), but those who attended don't seem to remember who I am :(.
  • Oops, missed the biogeosciences reception. D'oh. :angry:
  • Friday morning's poster session was the most interesting (relevant?) for me. Alas, couldn't talk to nearly all the people presenting their posters that I had wanted to; the aisles were packed.
  • I only had one Minute Maid the whole week. The chanting dude on the sidewalk was inspiring, though. If only for his tenacity (even in the rain!).
  • For the future: Friday afternoon is a terrible time to be giving a poster or talk. Everyone's gone by that time, except the random grad student from the group of Prof. Competitor who stuck around long enough so that they could harass you at your poster (okay, it wasn't that bad).

Overall? Meh, I guess. Wasn't blown away, but maybe that'll change once I actually know one or two people who attend the meeting.

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Don't worry about it if a professor doesn't recognize you. Professors can be really bad with names/faces. REAAALLY bad. My hair is pretty recognizable, and plenty of professors (and grad students!) don't remember me! There's this one professor who I swear I've run into like 10 times over the course of the past year, and I bet he STILL doesn't remember my name. unsure.giflaugh.gif

I can see how it'd be pretty meh if you don't know anyone... and considering how big it is, it can be daunting trying to meet new people. It'll definitely be a different experience in grad school. (I just know people because I've been a geologist for a while now.)

Friday afternoon is a pretty bad time, yeah. I forgot that a lot of people jet out by then... but other than that, it went well, I hope? :P

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