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Low GRE score for Psych program?


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I'm planning to apply to University of South Florida and Florida Institute of Technology for Fall 2011 in the applied behavior analysis masters program. However my GRE score is a 510 Q and 460 V. I think my CV is good, I have a lot of experience in the field and have worked with a lot of professors in UF's ABA program. I'm currently restudying for the GRE but am panicking that my score will not go up that high. Do you guys think I had no chance of getting in with that score? I'm hoping I can at least hit four digits after my second try... The programs don't list a minimum, but these are my top choices and there aren't that many ABA programs around! Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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Here are ETS's statistics for Masters degree Psych majors, 2002-2003:


380:26th percentile

440:51st percentile

510:76th percentile

570:90th percentile


410:25th percentile

490:49th percentile

580:77th percentile

640:90th percentile

So, your scores appear to have been very nearly average, then. Scores have increased somewhat in the intervening 8 years. You might squeak by as is, but I'd guess a 50 to 80 point improvement on each test would make your application quite a bit stronger.

Good luck,


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