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Is there a fully funded program for a PhD in English in the United States?


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A lot of the PhD programs are funded but not MAs. You'll have to look really, really hard for one although they are probably more likely to found in universities that have terminal MA programs and not doctoral programs.

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Thank you. I would prefer the PhD anyway, but I don't know where to look for fully funded programs.

Um, every PhD program? Not every program funds every accepted student, but every program offers fully funded positions.

There's a helpful list of funded MA programs here on the boards (somewhere) and one on the Livejournal community "applyingtograd" but I don't have either link off hand. If you do a quick search, I'm sure you'll be able to find some programs. However, keep in mind that if you apply to a PhD program are offered a spot in the MA cohort (rather than in the PhD cohort), then that will not be funded.

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Phds.org will let you rank English programs (or programs from any number of other fields) by percentage of students who were supported primarily by the department, percentage of first-year students who received departmental support, or both (and it will give the actual numbers). Syracuse, U of North Dakota, and U of Pittsburgh all reported 100% of their students were funded, and quite a few others topped 75%.

Petersons.com will let you look up individual departments and see what the funding packages were (they also report how many students were funded out of how many total in the department, but don't separate master's and PhD, so that can be misleading). For example, according to Petersons.com, in 2007-2008, the U of North Dakota English department awarded 1 RAship with a stipend of $5379/year, and 25 TAships with an average stipend of $9575/year.

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