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NSF GRFP Citations and References


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I am applying for the NSF graduate research fellowship for psychology, and I am working on my research proposal. Does anyone know if there is a preferred citations and references format? All I've found so far is that the references can be 10pt font. Should I assume that APA style is required? Or could I use the abbreviated style of Science and Nature? Also, should the citations be in the [x] format or in the (author, year) format, or does it matter?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


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I have another question. There are some contradictions in the 10 point font stipulation across different NSF documents. The program solicitation states that references can be in 10 pt font. However, the "prepare application" user guide says that "Only publications and presentation citations may be a smaller font, no less than 10 pt. Times New Roman." Does this include references???

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