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GRE low scores...


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I am a history major applying to grad school for elementary education. The programs include Vanderbilt and some other schools that are not so competitive.

The minimum GRE for my program of choice is 1000 combined.

Here are my scores - verbal - 480 quantitative - 580

I have really strong letters of recommendation, a good statement of purpose, and a strong writing sample. I am in my last semester so I am unsure what my final GPA will be. So far it is 3.3. I am hoping to get my GPA up to 3.5 with mainly As this semester.

So, what are my chances? Am I out of the running for Vandy with such low GRE scores? Do I retake or try the MAT? The deadline is in a month and a half.

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I'm surprised your quantitative score isn't lower if you can't work out that (480+580) > 1000.

Snarky, much?

What the OP probably meant was that his or her score was not significantly higher than the departmental minimum and is thus on the low end for his or her purposes (i.e. being a competitive applicant).

You probably have enough time to retake the computer-based GRE in early or mid-December, though you might be cutting it somewhat close. If you think you can review enough to raise your scores, then go for it. The Miller Analogies Test is a beast ! I've never taken it but I borrowed a MAT review book from the library to practice analogies for the GRE... Meh. Look into it and see whether you'd be more likely to perform better on the MAT. I'd advise against it unless you feel prepared and confident. The GRE would seem to be the more widely-accepted exam, no? We know your department's minimum score... but what is the score you'd like to achieve to be competitive?

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