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  1. Hi JoeySsance, 

    I noticed you haven't been as active here for a while, sure the PhD's keeping you busy. 

    I got an offer from Harvard and wanted to ask you some questions about the D of RLL because I see no recent threads on here. 

  2. Hey there! Check your messages, papillon-pourpre. For future reference, I would be happy to answer questions about specific departments via PM. Please keep that in mind when seeking this type of advice. Again, best of luck to all!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm back from the conference. It went really well and I made so many intelligent and down-to-earth new friends. Presenting at conferences is just one among grad school's many fulfilling and enriching aspects. Congrats once again on your offers, everyone. I'm back again to answer questions as you make your decisions although I do have a bit of work to catch up on, so I hope you'll understand if it takes me a little bit to get back to you. I promise I won't make you wait as long as some of these programs! Good luck both to those of you still waiting and to those of you deciding!
  4. Hey everyone. Next weekend I'll be presenting at my very first graduate conference (wish me luck)! Needless to say, I'll be a bit m.i.a. from this forum until after the conference. Please do continue to contact me via PM and I'll be happy to respond when I'm back in town. Gibreel, je t'enverrai une réponse plus détaillé à ce moment-là. Cela me fait plaisir de vous aider comme je peux (étant donné que l'on m'a tellement bien conseillé ici l'année dernière quand j'étais à votre place). Bon courage, les amis !
  5. Hey everyone. If you're at all curious about when you can expect to hear back from certain programs, while it varies from year to year, I would suggest taking a look at the results page on this site: http://thegradcafe.c...urvey/index.php Looking at the past few years collectively should give you a rough estimate. For example, by typing in "Duke French" I can see that they tend to notify people in the second half of February and last year the decision came out on this very day (2/25). So if it hasn't come yet, I would assume early or mid next week would be a safe bet (for an acceptance, I mean
  6. Hey everyone. I had also considered Berkeley, which is indeed a wonderful program, and I would be happy to offer advice about the funding question. This definitely came up and was ultimately one (but not the sole) factor that influenced my decision. As for why rejected applicants aren't notified right away, I'm afraid the answer is that often it's not the departments but rather the graduate schools who send these notifications. Frankly, when things zoom out to the larger administrative/bureaucratic level, they get less personalized and even less considerate. From what I've read on other thr
  7. Hey Starlajane. It depends on the type of "interview." If you've been "shortlisted," i.e. invited to visit the school and told that their final decision will be made after the visit, while that's not a guaranteed admission in theory, in practice, it tends to be. (The other type of interview that comes to mind usually occurs earlier in the application season and if you had one of those, it probably would have been over the phone or via Skype and sometimes even in person if you happened to live near the school) The extent to which shortlist interviews should be considered likely offers of admiss
  8. Hey! We're already starting to meet the prospective students visiting our department. It's a lot of fun reliving this whole experience albeit from "the other side." Good luck to you all during these interviews and visits. Just have a lot of fun with it all. The places that have invited you (even if it's for an "interview") really just want to court you and convince you to attend so make the most of it while it lasts! Make sure to interact with the grad students, especially, and ask them any questions you may have. We're usually pretty candid sources of information. If anyone has any questions,
  9. Hey quiltedgiraffe. Congratulations on your Princeton acceptance. I loved Princeton, however, the experience for undergraduates differs from that of graduate students in very significant ways. Princeton is definitely more of an undergraduate-focused university, so in that sense, it was a wonderful place to go to college. I can't speak about the German department but I do know that the French department at Princeton (at the graduate level) is one of the top programs in the country. They all work really hard to finish the PhD in 5 years (whereas everywhere else people take 6 or 7 years on averag
  10. Hi france2010! Congrats on hearing back from Princeton and Cornell! I majored in French at Princeton for undergrad, actually, and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the department there. As for Harvard's program, I'm really enjoying it! The faculty is exciting to work with and very supportive, I get along well with my fellow graduate students and the funding is generous. I'll send you some more specific comments via PM.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm a current 1st year grad student in French. I remember how exciting this time of year was last year. Congratulations to those of you who have gotten acceptances so far and best of luck as you await other decisions. I'll try my best to be available if you should have any questions about grad school or French programs in general. Once again, félicitations à vous tous et bon courage pour la suite !
  12. I second this advice. This is precisely the approach I took. I realized that the theorists I like the most are concentrated in the late-20th century onward (including contemporary theorists) and represent various schools of thought so I just made that clear in my SOP. As for the generalist/specialist question, it's probably better to be more specific than general. Your best bet is to develop (if it's possible at this point) a rather specific interest in a certain author, theorist or work (or multiple of the above) with a specific and interesting approach, framework and/or set of questions coup
  13. Hey there! Please forgive me for the delay in responding. I've been getting settled in Cambridge, MA, my new hometown for the next six or so years. We certainly have a neat overlap of interests! Harvard's French department is probably the most theoretical of the departments to which I applied, so I highly recommend it. It seems like you could do a lot of your potential PhD work with Susan Suleiman here and/or with Verena Conley. Berkeley has a wonderful Critical Theory "designated emphasis" (a minor field, if you will) which could greatly enrich your research. Columbia's department is not real
  14. Good point. I was going to bring this up, too, actually! But in Two Espresso's defense, I get the feeling that the geographic limitation would be just for grad school... (Right?) At least I hope, for your sake, that you won't be this finicky with the job market. (Alas, no one can really afford to be...) But that is a relatively long way off for you, Two Espressos. While you are shutting out some amazing programs with relatively attractive funding if you restrict yourself solely to the Northeast, you are still left with a great concentration of superb institutions of all kinds, from small LACs
  15. I'm a bit late following up but I think ZeeMore21, jakebarnes and truckbasket have really covered a lot of important ground! And in a far less circuitous manner than myself. At the risk of sounding perhaps a bit officious, I do have some more advice, mostly building off of the splendid suggestions you have received so far from others. I echo what's been said about how great it is that you're seeking advice now, while you're still in undergrad. I wish I had been as diligent and prepared my junior year as you seem to be! It's perfectly alright that you're still not 100% sure about your p
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