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When to apply for MBA

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I'm seeking advice on when to apply for MBA programs and my chances of getting into certain universities. 

Here's a bit about my background: I graduated with a double major and English from a university ranked 30-40. My GPA was 3.68, and my GRE scores were Math 160 and Verbal 161. 

After graduation, I joined a sales rotational program at a company that provides finance ratings. I completed the program last year and have been in my permanent role since then earning around 90k per year.

I'm considering applying for full-time MBA programs for the fall of 2024, which would mean I'll have two years of work experience by the start of applications in fall 2023 and three years by the time I enroll. 

However, I'm currently in a learning and development phase, mainly helping with email outreach, cold calling, analyzing client data to inform sales strategy, and delivering product demos to clients. I expect to start managing my own accounts and earning commission next year. 

I want to work in management consulting but I'm not sure if I should apply to MBA programs for the fall of 2024 or for the fall of 2025. 

Also, I'm curious about my chances of getting into certain universities, specifically Duke, UVA, UMich, NYU, and Penn. 

One potential concern is that I will have only been in my current role for about nine months at the start of the application cycle, meaning that my current supervisor (who I would ask to write my LORs) will have been my manager for nine months. 

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Your quant is a tad low for at least Penn and NYU. Further, many programs prefer about 4 years of substantive work experience. Just went through the application with my D who will be attending SBS in the fall.

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