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GRE score recipients: how many?


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Hey! I have a few pretty simple questions. I'll be taking the computer-based GRE for the first time soon. It's my understanding that I'll be prompted to select my score recipients on test day.

1. Could someone please enlighten me as to how many recipients I may select? That is, how many are included in the test fee?

2. Is there a choice to send scores to one's undergraduate institution?

3. And finally, if I'm applying to more schools and fellowships than that limit, do I get to designate additional recipients online on my own time? I realize additional reports carry an additional cost.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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If you haven't already taken the exam, I have a bit of advice regarding choosing schools. Send the free scores to the schools with the earliest deadlines. It is going to take about 2 weeks for those schools to get the scores, but it will take much longer for the other schools. You have to wait about 2 weeks to be able to order additional scores, so if you are getting close to some deadlines, this is something to be aware of.

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