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  1. I got full funding at BU with a 1300 GRE and 3.9 GPA. The department does try to take care of its students financially, from what I can tell. Many of the students are TAs. For those that don't have funding, tuition is ~45,000 a year, which is incredibly steep! Don't take out loans to go there (or anywhere, really).
  2. history_PhD

    Ohio State

    I wish MY rejection would hurry up and get here; I just want the process to be over now.
  3. Faculty members often have access to students' transcripts and other academic records.
  4. history_PhD

    Ohio State

    Called a few days ago; letters will be out next week.
  5. history_PhD


    I saw that someone else was accepted here. I was accepted with some funding but only partial tuition remission.
  6. When you take the GRE and choose which schools to send scores to, make sure you specify (A) the correct department (generally just the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and ( the schools with the earliest deadlines. These schools will get your scores much earlier than other schools that you choose on the GRE website. Also for the scores, some schools want you to send them to both the Graduate School and the History Department, so make sure that you follow the directions very carefully.
  7. For those that live in Boston, what are some estimated utility costs? Most apartments mention that heat and hot water are covered, but the ads says nothing about electricity.
  8. history_PhD

    Ohio State

    Also "in review" here.
  9. history_PhD

    Ohio State

    Just bumping this up. Still no word from anyone else, I take it? I vote that someone calls. . . .
  10. I'm also curious about this. There really isn't a lot of past data.
  11. Aww, sorry! That stinks!
  12. Most of my undergrad classes tried to do this-- either multiple book reviews (6-7, usually) or weekly reading questions and quizzes requiring us to address and critique an author's argument.
  13. Thanks! So, Yale it is? So exciting for you!
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