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How should I answer question about my research interests/topics/problems?

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Hi, my name is Rote.

I am applying to grad school in the field of computer science, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence.

I have a research question that I want to pursue, but I just don't know how much details I should put into my SOP.

I tend to think of it as a short version of research statement or at least an introduction of a thesis proposal, but it stills difficult to fit details into my paragraph.

What points should I make to demonstrate my understanding in the topic while remain brief in the statement?

Should I mention about what approaches I intend to use or how am I going to come up with a solution?

Thanks you in advance!

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Yes, definitely talk about what methods you intend to use - and how that school provides all the resources you need! (Thus hitting two birds with one stone :) ) Be brief (since you don't have a choice) but detailed enough to show an original project and reasonable ways of solving it.

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Thank Chumlee :)

I can clearly define the research problem and the future contribution if this can be solved, but I can't come up with a method for the research problem without doing some prior research.

So In this case, what should I put into my statement of purpose?

Should I only mention about my early plan to investigate the topic?

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