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Comp Bio PhD - MIT CSB or Princeton CS


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I have been extremely lucky to get into those great programs. My background is in CS but I am quite certain that I want to do comp biology research, and have done quite a few projects.

I still can't really decide which to pick.

MIT has been my dream school ever since freshman year of college, but after getting accepted and trying to look at professors and labs I realized that I couldn't find many labs that I can see myself working in. Of course, there are labs that do research similar to my current lab (I am currently doing RA) and I know I could go to those labs, but I want to try something new and wasn't able to get a email reply from the EECS profs, although the computational and system biology program allows me to work with them.

Princeton on the other hand, has a few great professors working on comp bio in the cs department, and expressed interests in me. Coming from an Asian family, I care about prestige a little, and feel that MIT is something special that is hard to say no to. I love the environment of both schools, and am not daunted by the IHTFP idea, cuz my undergraduate institution is similar :) I loved it. I don't quite mind the location of either school.


Anyone has advice pls, thanks a lot

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