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How bad are we talking here?

Re-submitting application materials solely depends on the department. You can ask the gradsec and see what your options are. But dude, we all, and I mean ALL of us wish that we could have changed one part or the other of our application. Small/big typos/errors are bound to happen in this nerve-wrecking process. Unless your error is unpardonable, don't fret too much over it, and let the application fairies take care of this. :)

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Do not worry.

Funnily enough, yesterday I also decided to go over the writing sample I sent to ALL my schools. I discovered something I did not want to discover at all.

As Bhikhaari, we all wish we could change something in our applications.

If you think the typos you made can actually influence the admissions officers' decision on whether you are 'in' or 'out', sure, call the department, ask to change.

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I sent two schools (which are my top choices) a writing sample with some pretty bad typos that for some reason I hadn't noticed. Would it be a good idea to call the graduate coordinators and ask them if I can submit a new one?

I am sure you can sumbit a new one. Just contact a grad coordinator and don't worry. As the others have said, we all have made minor mistakes in our apps. I found some myself. First I was nervous but then a friend told that if a school is going to reject me because of a couple of tiny mistakes - this school just is not worth worrying about :P

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My all time favorite typo on the GradCafe is "makeshit" for "makeshift" -- can you beat that?

Really, typos are nothing to worry about. But as others have suggested, you can contact the department, say you noticed some typos and ask if you could submit a new version of your SOP.

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