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Lot of People with Missing Recommendations


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me, too.

one of my LoR writers got to the first one (early Dec) but apparently blew off the two due in January. She's been actively avoiding me, I've come to realize.

trying to line up a replacement. One school is good with that, haven't heard from the other yet.

but I'm rather annoyed.

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Wow, that is a terrible experience. I hope that is not at all common when asking LORs. No one should be treated so poorly, especially when grad school applications are concerned.... it's stressful enough without it. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience!

Yes he did. He also said that he agreed to write recommendations for two or three programs, and not for "two dozens". So he actually exaggerated the FIVE programs where I put his name on up to 24, and blamed me for that! He wrote that each recommendation takes half an hour (which is not true), and that he is not payed by the university to waste his time on my applications...indeed a horrible experience. Now I am a bit traumatized to contact professors on my behalfs :(

And the subsitute prof. stll hasn't uploaded his last two letters...aarrghh!

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For what it's worth, I have been admitted to one program and invited to visit another before finding out that I was missing letters for those programs; the fault was likely the recommenders, and both programs said that it was fine as long as they *eventually* got something.

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I asked four people to write me letters for colleges that required three recommenders. I also had them upload to a document site so that i could have a hard copy mailed if necessary.

My understanding in that there is some wiggle time in most colleges, because they allow for the professors to be overburdened and give inter-school courtesy. (They tend to know each other).

However, CUNY feels different because the applications go in so late, Feb 15th for Comp lit, but by then I had my professors ready to go and the folio ready to go if need be.

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