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HELP!!! What should I do?


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Ok so I applied to Florida State University (where I did my undergrad) and American University. I got into FSU no problem and after being denied at AU they contacted me and decided they were going to accept me after all. The thing is they told me yesterday. So I would have to move my whole life from Florida to DC like NOW!!! So here's my thing. Do I stay in Florida and go to FSU where I have a full time job that pays for all my bills and would only have to take out about $5k (5 semesters) in loans every semester or do I take a chance and go to a better institution but live off Cup-a-Noodles and take out about $15k(4 semsters) a semester do pay for everything until I find a job. Please help!

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If I were you, I would stay in Florida. The difference in the reputation of the two schools is not significant enough for you to pay extra 35k (and all the relocation stress, finding a new job, adjusting...). FSU is a good school and you seem comfortable there!

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I think it depends on your field. I'm not quite sure what security studies are, but school is also more than the institution itself--while AU is a good school, the DC area has so much to offer, especially in terms of networking, internships, etc.

But--I think you should stay in Florida. If you really wanted to attend AU and live in DC, no one could say anything to change your mind.

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