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My co-authored paper just got accepted to a journal: should I let the adcom know?


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I applied to a few universities for a PhD in XYZ. My only Master's (Master's background being only somewhat different from PhD's) paper to be published is this paper -- which won't publish till next year. However, in my CV, I only put (submitted: 2011 blah blah conference...) when applying. Should I email the adcoms/admissions coordinators and let them know about the status of my co-authored paper?

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Yes. I can't imagine any way in which it could hurt, and it will probably help.

Having submitted a paper is good, but having had your work vetted and accepted by qualified scholars - which is what the peer review process is about - demonstrates your ability to do quality scholarship in a way that just having submitted it for such vetting doesn't.

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I had a similar situation... I had a paper of mine selected for publication (in a national undergraduate journal) after I had already submitted my applications. I simply emailed the admissions contact at each school with an updated CV attached and most got back to me quickly saying they would update my CV in the system. So, definitely email he admissions contacts at your schools and let them know...

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