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Is it ridiculous to still consider applying to a dual MA program in SLIS and History? Also, how hard are these schools to get into - I am reaching dead ends everywhere I look for statistics and information.


I looked at LSU's program and it really scared me off with that sort of talk. If you are accepted to the program & enroll, I believe they're obligated to let you finish, but I wouldn't completely count on it. I would call the office and see if you can talk to someone about it, they'll probably have more of a feel for the future of the program. If you want a program in the southeast that also has a dual masters program in history and SLIS, check out the University of South Carolina:


As far as how hard it is to get into these schools...grad schools do a really good job of hiding those statistics. I do remember the University of Washington (ranked in 2009 as #4 by Newsweek) said:

"The level of competitiveness for admission into the MLIS program fluctuates from year to year depending on the applicant pool and on the number of admission spaces available. For the 2010 admissions process, we had 535 total applications and a 44% admit rate."

That's really one of the only hard-and-fast statistics I have come across. It gives you a bit of perspective as far as a top 10 school goes. Again, I can't really provide too many concrete answers because it does depend on your application & the applicant pool, but I would expect a relatively good acceptance rate at LSU, especially if you're one of the only people to apply since everyone else was scared off!

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