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FAFSA and Grad Schools


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Hi all,

I've applied for the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship and thus my FAFSA must be submitted before January 30, 2011. The FAFSA form allows me to list up to 10 schools who will receive my financial aid information. Should I list all of the graduate schools I've applied to (which is over 10) or should I just list the only one I've been accepted to thus far? I'm not sure if I can add schools later though I'm sure it's possible... I'm just wondering if I should or should not list all the graduate schools I applied to and whether there is or is not a benefit to doing this.



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You can always add schools later. Since you haven't been accepted yet, I'd just put down the 10 schools you plan on going to/think you will be accepted into that way once you made your final decision they'll already have the paperwork you need. There's no benefit or disadvantage of listing schools on there.Just make sure the school you are going to in on there or add it right away when you find out later you'll be going there.

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