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  1. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    I want to exchange my dissertation/thesis chapters with yours.

    Thanks, @TekeruK and everyone for replying. I agree with what is being said. I am also hesitant to swap chapters with others and think others feel the same way for all the reasons suggested in this thread....I'll keep chugging along somehow.
  2. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    I want to exchange my dissertation/thesis chapters with yours.

    Thanks for the advice. My department and Uni are a bit dysfunctional. There is a writing center but thus far it's been a waste of time. Graduate writing groups are advertised but have not materialized. I tried forming my own groups, asking colleagues, and sending out emails to other departments to solicit a writing partner but, as indicated here, I think people are afraid to share work or are are not confident about their writing. Every time I ask a colleague to swap work they say they don't have anything ready to show me, but then the next day they tell me they turned in a chapter to their advisor. So I ask, "Why didn't you swap with me then before you turned it in? I thought you said you didn't have anything ready yet." I get no answer in response.
  3. I'm looking for someone to exchange dissertation/thesis chapters with. I really need a fresh set of eyes on my writing and thought reading someone else's term paper or dissertation/thesis chapter(s) and giving them feedback, and then them doing the same for me, would be a good idea. Of course I'm working closely with my advisor, but having another peer look over my work helps to see my own writing better before turning it in. If you are looking for a writing partner to provide feedback (or hold an "accountability" type of arrangement) on their dissertation, thesis or a term paper, I hope you will contact me. I'm a PhD candidate looking for someone who is in the arts, social sciences, or humanities. My dissertation is on gender representations on children's television. I look forward to hearing about your or even reading yours!
  4. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    University of Kansas

    I'll see you in Lawrence. I'm heading to KU too for a PhD in humanities. I'll PM you.
  5. I was taking a break from stressing about apps and visited my friend--a neurosurgeon--for a day of shadowing. In the middle of removing a brain tumor he says, "You applying to grad schools is more complicated than this surgery."

    1. mandy


      Good luck with your applications´╝ü

    2. Tall Chai Latte

      Tall Chai Latte

      lol i guess so, because you don't know what the adcom wants!

  6. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    What people said when you told them you were accepted...

    I've been trying to tell my dad for the past 4 years (I've been applying to PhD programs for 4 years and finally got into a school!) that if I get into a PhD program it will be completely funded. He has a "yeah right!" attitude about it. When I showed him my acceptance (full ride+stipend+professorship) he shrugged it off and said, "how are you going to pay for that?" I explained to him I don't have to pay but instead I get paid. He seems clueless. Parents can be so dense!
  7. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Should I take time off from a phd program to explore being an artist?

    I know what you mean. I'm starting a PhD program in film in the fall but what I really like is the production aspect, not so much the research (PhDs in film are pretty much only research). I'm going to find time on my own to make small side films. My program will allow me to take some production classes. I'm going to stick with the PhD until the end because I know being able to think critically about films will transfer to thinking creatively. with the PhD I'll have a nice back-up plan should filmmaking not work out as a career (although I know getting into academics as a career is hard too). When you really love something that much and it becomes a part of you, you'll find it seeps into other areas of your life (like your grad program). Never let the creative side go, you'll go crazy! You might need to put it on the back burner temporarily while you study but continue with it no matter what in your free time and pick it up again when the time is right. Your new perspective thanks to your grad studies will make you an even better artist.
  8. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Still in shock...

    I can totally relate. On top of it all this was my 4th year applying to schools. I finally did it and I'm feeling every feeling imaginable--mostly I'm in shock.
  9. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    only 4 years of funding--

    4 years appears to be the norm. If it's a PhD are you sure u r taking classes for all 4 years? At many schools, you take classes for 2 years and then do your dissertation for two years. During the time you do your dissertation, if you did have to pay it's be something really little because you aren't taking classes. Like if I need a year or two more beyond my 4 years (having finished my course work already), starting in the 5th year I'll pay a little fee to keep me matriculated but it's not like I'm paying for 15 units or anything. You're program may be like that so check it out.
  10. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Financial Aid for Film/Cinema/Media MA Programs

    It's near impossible to get funding for an MA in our field. I got an MA from NYU and the loan payments burn but I finally just got into KU's Phd in film with full funding etc. Go to a cheap MA program and then up one by going to a great PhD in film and get funded. An MA isn't terminal (usually) so don't stop there. Go for the PhD.
  11. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    tiny dancer
  12. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Film and Media Studies 2010-2011 Applications

  13. Got into KU PhD program for Film and Media Studies. I'll probably accept but I've got a lot to think about. KU is waiving tuition and giving me a FTE GTA of $12,750. This was my 4th time trying! It looks like both of us finally got luck and got what we deserved. Congrats to both of us!

  14. Dr._Robotnik's_Shadow

    Film and Media Studies 2010-2011 Applications

    Yes. I got accepted in University of Kansas (Tuition Waived/$13,000 FTE GTA). I've been applying to PhD programs for 4 years and this is my first, last and only acceptance. I had no faculty advocating for me. Be persistent and never give up.

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