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grad secretary fixed my LOR problem!

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for awhile but this is my first post. Here's my situation: I (stupidly stupidly) mistyped the email address for one of my recommenders into an application, so he never got the request. Today, 10 days after the deadline, the graduate secretary of the program emailed me to say it was missing and, following a flurry of emails between me, the grad secretary, and the recommender, I figured out that I had mistyped his email address. The grad secretary told me that I could just have him email the letter to her and that she would make sure my application was complete.

So the question is: Would it be appropriate for me to send her a thank-you note? I really feel like she went above and beyond (I know it's kind of her job, but I'm sure at a lot of other schools they would have just disqualified my application), but I don't want to seem like I"m sucking up or anything while I'm waiting to hear back from them. Any advice?

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I'd say just a heartfelt e-mail thank you is appropriate. I think going much beyond that might look like you're pushing a bit.

Keeping good relations with departmental secretaries is great, though! Make sure you do something to let her know you really appreciate it.

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