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UCLA or UMich for Mechanical Eng.


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Hi Shima

I would say you should take Umich

With a fellowship u can put in more time doing research in the area u like than doing an RA for a faculty in an area of his requirement

Umich has better IC Engine infrastructure then UC LA (I believe so)

Look at the profs in both univs n see which ones are better to work with...

Myself apped to Umich PhD in ME...

still haven got my result which means no Fellowship :-(

Hope I get some aid from them or else will settle with UC Davis if they give aid... UC B result is still on the cards...

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My impression is that UCLA while being a superb school is not the strongest in engineering. Michigan is an engineering powerhouse.

They're both rather strong in engineering, although I think you're correct insofar as U of M is ranked higher than UCLA by the powers that be at US News. However, one thing about UCLA, especially in mechanical engineering, is that they have some substantial ties to the defense/aerospace industry in and around Los Angeles. So that might be something to consider if you're interested in that type of route after you finish your Ph.D.

Full disclosure- I am currently an undergraduate at UCLA.

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