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I am applying to a masters program in math/statistics.

For my first application I wrote an SOP that had a 500 word minimum and I think what I wrote was well written and succinct. However several other schools I am applying to use a common application where the SOP can go to as many as 1500 words. I am considering just amending my well written 500 word SOP and submitting it to these other schools but am hesitant. Is it a really bad idea to go that far under the minimum? Or would veteran adcoms appreciate brevity? I could add a bit to show more of my personality but am a little worried about watering it down.

Any input would be much appreciated! Thank!

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If you can say what you want to say (how you want to say it) in 500 words, why add more?

I agree! My SoP didn't have a word limit, but I went with concise and succinct. It's a little over 800 words, and it includes an anectoesque reason for studying linguistics, then addresses my educational background, then my work experience, and finally my research interests.I'm also applying for a Masters.

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what I heard from a professor: a short, succinct statement shows to them that you can communicate your interests, research, and enthusiasm without going on and on, which is a very useful skill in science. Professors also don't like reading really long things, as it takes up their valuable time for research and cracking the grad student whip. tongue.gif

If you do want to add some more personality/flair/detail or create better flow using another sentence or two (or three), I don't think it would hurt, as long as you don't introduce anything new and use them to enhance what you already have.

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