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GRE Score Submission when Reapplying


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I'm applying for the second time for PhD programs (Fall 2024 admissions) in the US, after an unsuccessful earlier attempt in 2020 for the 2021 admissions cycle (that was a brutal cycle... unsure if I've recovered enough from that). 


I just created some of the accounts on the applicant portals for schools I'm targeting, and I noticed that because I'm using the same email address, they have a bunch of my info saved -- including old GRE scores that were sent to them by ETS. I do not want to retake the GRE, so I was planning on sending those same scores again anyway and was happy to see I don't have to pay $$ to ETS to send them to the schools. However, I noticed that since I last submitted my scores in 2020, the percentile scores, especially for the quant section, have gone down significantly (in my case from 85% to 73%). As the scores in the application portal are "verified" because they received the official scores from ETS, I can't go in there to update these percentile changes. My question is, if I submit an application including those old, verified scores, will I be penalized or perhaps even accused of deceiving the admissions committees because I reported outdated percentiles? Will anyone notice or care? Or am I just lucky that they still have the old scores?


Any insights into this would be much appreciated!!

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