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The grad-schools that do not accept IELTS?

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Hello everyone, I am inclined towards taking IELTS because of the speaking format. I have a question that I could not properly found an answer online.

I am planning to apply for mostly USA based schools and there is always a note that TOEFL is more american. Even though when I look at the list of schools that I plan to apply I could not find any one of them that do not accept IELTS. However I am still skeptical. I ask some friends which one to take some answers that some grad schools in USA do not accept IELTS, but they can not name one. Also I am not looking for the answer which schools do not ask for a language test or which schools make it optional to take a language test.

 My simple question is can you name a set of USA based major grad schools that DO NOT accept IELTS but accepts TOEFL instead ?

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