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Art History MA Reconsidering Track


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I am in my first semester of my MA in Art History but I don't think I like my program as much as I did my undergrad experience. I know it is still very early but I am starting to consider the end of my degree and finding a job and feel beat down. Everyone around me wants to curate or teach in museums, but I have no interest in that. I have thought about becoming a professor but do not know if I would be cut out for it, or if I want to get my PhD after this. 

The things I enjoy most about Art History are critiquing authors, applying theory and philosophy, and writing. I know I belong in an academic field rather than a creative one and have already ruled out anything design-based. I am interested in research rather than any museum practice, and I am interested in logic. What kind of jobs fit my interests? Should I go to law school after this? Do I even want to stay in school? Should I keep with academia? Should I bite the bullet and find a museum job? Does anyone have any paths (especially unexpected ones) in Art History-related careers they can share to provide some inspiration?

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Maybe not super helpful but I have heard a background in art history is great for law school because you learn so much about writing and forming convincing arguments, so if you want to go down that route it would probably be viable! Art history gives you a lot of transferable skills, mainly writing, analysis, and defending arguments, so any jobs involving those things would be a good fit. An art history degree doesn't just mean working in museums!

Personally though I think you should stick it out before making any big decisions. It's your first semester--adjusting to a new experience is always going to be shocking and scary! You may start feeling better about it once you begin writing your thesis.

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