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How to respond to a waitlist phone call?


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Hi everyone,

I received a call from a DGS today telling me I had been waitlisted. This is the first somewhat good news I've had so far so I was thrilled to receive the call. However, I was outside during it and was also slightly in shock, so I didn't ask very many questions and basically just thanked the DGS for calling and told her how interested I was in the program (and said "wow!" a lot). She said there was a chance I could be accepted given my field and the applicant spots (depending on acceptances, obviously). While I don't want to get my hopes up, I wanted to ask:

1) Should I send a quick follow-up email to thank the DGS again for the call and reiterate my interest? I want to do this out of politeness mainly and also in case a spot opens up.

2) If yes, does anyone have any tips/suggestions for additional questions I could/should ask in said email?


Thank you!!

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