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How should I choose between UCSD vs. NYU vs. Cornell?


Which one shall we choose?  

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  1. 1. Which one shall we choose?

    • UCSD MPP
    • NYU MPA
    • Cornell MPA

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Hi everyone, I’m an international student admitted to UCSD, NYU, and Cornell, majoring in Master of Public Policy/Public Administration. I’m planning to work in California after graduation, ideally in the tech/energy/AI industry. I have 3 questions regarding the decisions and would appreciate your help!

  1. Is the title or the location more important? We know Cornell is Ivy League and NYU is famous for its amazing network, while UCSD is closer to where I want to work. (TBH I have been studying at UCB for 1 year, and I couldn’t find a better place than California!!!)
  2. Is NGO/NPO much more friendly to international students than the private sector for job searching? An NGO/NPO does not require an H1b camp, while private companies will offer higher salaries (plz correct me if I’m wrong) The data says more than 50% of UCSD & Cornell graduates go to private, and more than 20% of NYU graduates go to private.
  3. Is UCSD a top-tier school in the Bay Area? Generally speaking, UCSD is a good school, but when it comes to comparing 2 candidates from UCSD and Cornell, which one could be more competitive?

Last but not least, I was majoring in education as an undergrad, so I did not have much quantitative background. UCSD curriculum is rigorous in STEM and the program is applying to become a STEM major, which means there is a possibility for 3 years OPT but no guarantee. Cornell and NYU highlight professional training, including internship arrangements and professional trips. Could you please share your ideas? Thank you sooooooo much!

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