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Hi y'all! 

Anyone else out there on the waitlist for a MA in Geography at the Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder? I originally received the application update on 2/23/2024. I may be delusional at this point but wanted to gauge my chances! Anyone make it off the waitlist yet? 


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4 hours ago, LongJohnSilver said:

I'm also waiting. Would be interesting to hear if anyone did make it off the waitlist. 

Woah! Didn't expect anyone to be in the same boat. Did you receive any extra information in your status portal? My update just said that admission may be possible if funding becomes available, i.e. someone doesn't accept their funded position. But no information regarding rank or timeline was given. Best of luck with your waitlist adventure too!

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I think we got the same update: Large pool of applicants...lack of funding...potential acceptance if funding becomes available etc.

I made an inquiry to ask general timeline of when I might hear back. (this was in early March)

They said they have no idea about funding until the end of April at the earliest. Even if funding becomes available, they will need support from faculty member to ask the committee to admit a waitlisted student, which will be in early May. Nothing about rank was mentioned in the reply;



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