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Looking for advice from Canadian SLPs (or current students) who did their masters at an American university (virtual or otherwise)

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Hi all, 

I'm currently planning to do my post bacc in CSD online from an American institution. I'm looking ahead to masters programs and desperately need advice from those who have already been through this. 

I would have preferred to do my masters online from Canada (I'm in Ontario) however after weeks of research I cannot find any American schools who offer this and allow me to do my placements here in Ontario. 

I contacted ENMU about their masters as I didn't mind attending campus for one semester however they got back to me basically saying that (despite it still being on their website) international students must attend their masters on-campus at ENMU because of 'difficulties in obtaining placements in Canada'.

My options for a masters or even post bacc are extremely limited due to my low undergrad GPA (75% - Honours BSc Biomed.). I plan on doing my post bacc at ENMU online due to their admission requirements and low costs however I'm now unsure of where to go for my masters. 

I would love if people could share any success stories of being a Canadian applicant who got their degree in the USA. 

I don't want to be far from Ontario as my family and relationship are here and I am also solely responsible for funding my education (long travel distances are not ideal for my financial situation). 

What masters would you suggest? Are their ones that would primarily look at my post bacc? Ones that take a lot of Canadians? Won't drain my pockets?

Ultimately, because this is the profession I want, I will move wherever in the USA to obtain it if necessary, I just don't know where to go or get advice. I'm the first in my family to go to school too so I really don't have many resources here. 


What masters programs are the best for Canadian applicants who did poorly in undergrad 

Bonus points if you can list online masters that you did that allowed you to practice in Canada 


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Had to edit GPA. The 4.0 grading scale is extremely confusing so I'm just putting my percentage down instead
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