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UWashington Seattle or Imperial College London for Biomedical


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Hi guys

I got admits from various universities but ultimately it comes down to these two universities. I will be entering them for masters for fall 2011. I plan to continue for a PhD and then go into research industry.

I am really confused between these two universities.

UWashington is highly reputed in the BME dept and would be greatĀ if I could do a PhD from there. Plus they have a TA requirement for one quater in their course.

Imperial- its ranked in the top 5 in the engineering dept. It also has a good BME dept. Plus the course is for One year only with no mention for funding as of now. Living in center of London could be a bit expensive. Dont really know how much is the PhD valued worldwide and how are the job opportunities in Uk after finishing my studies.

In US min time till i get a PhD is 2+4 years

In UK it is 1+3 years

so guys please help really confused.

Any input would be very much appreciated.

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US based PhD programs tend to have a better reputation. On top of that, UW is arguably one of the top 5 BME programs in the country. Unless you really want to live in London, this wouldn't be a very difficult choice if I were in your shoes.

Also, you are far more likely to receive funding during your M.S. degree at the UW than at Imperial.

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  • Warelin changed the title to UWashington Seattle or Imperial College London for Biomedical

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