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The Advantages of Quitting Smoking

waltky stoney

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Smoking no doubt affects all the parts of your body, but to quit smoking is always advantageous. Better late than never. Quit smoking benefits are almost instant. You stop smoking and your body begins to react almost immediately. Smokers who quit smoking enjoy better health than smokers who never quit.

There are physical as well as emotional advantages of quitting smoking. As soon as one quits smoking, the withdrawal symptoms may begin, but they are short lived. Ones hands and feet become warmer due to increased circulation of blood. Pulse rate and blood pressure, which are generally high for a smoker, return to normal levels soon after the last cigarette. The blood oxygen level increases to normal and the level of carbon monoxide drops significantly. The mouth, hair and face no longer smell of smoke. The taste buds and the sense of smell improve. Damaged nerve ends begin to regrow. Tendency to cough stops and the production of phlegm returns to normal. Lungs begin to relax and breathing becomes easier. Sinus due to smoking, fatigue or shortness of breath decreases. Cilia regrow in the lungs, thereby keeping the lungs clean and decreasing infections. Stamina and the capability to do more work increase significantly. Walking becomes easier. Energy levels soar higher. Field of vision improves by 15-20%. Risk of the dreaded diseases caused by cigarettes is reduced. Probability of the occurrence of emphysema, heart attacks and cancer come down significantly.

The feeling of confidence increases in the smoker after quitting smoking. Having quit smoking, a great achievement in itself, increases the courage to face all challenges in life.

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