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Haikus for the Wait


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Who else has one?

Inbox is barren

Dusty spam in the archives

Grad schools are fickle

Each morning awake

Is there news from the adcomms?

Anguish in waiting

Just how many times

Can I refresh my Gmail

Before suicide?

Ring tone blares from cell

Wildfire inside of stomach

Despair: is only mom.

Ground teeth down to nubs

Hairs not pulled out have turned gray

Ad comms: in or out?

New email appears

Admission granted with funds!

Safety school: thank you.

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I dream, hope, and plead

That this wait won't consume me

Oh adcomms, you suck

What is this I see?!

Grrr! Curse this junk mail from Dell!

Why did I apply?

"What do you study?"

Industrial Design, mom!

Blank stare... "What is that?"

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