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Accept or Wait?


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Hey all, I realize this question has probably been asked a lot, but any advice would be appreciated.

I got accepted to a super awesome school with a very generous stipend. I've gotten three other rejections, so I'm just waiting to hear back from two other places.

So, while this school wasn't at the top of my list to begin with, during my interview I fell in love with it and really hit it off with a professor. The other two schools would have to make extremely generous offers in order to tempt me.

So in emailing with my PoI, she asked me if I was going to be attending. I feel really rude, and like I'm leading her on (I know, silly, right?) by not telling her that I will accept, but she seems very excited about me.

So my question is, should I just accept? Should I say that I have every intention of accepting but I'm waiting on other decisions? Or should I just be vague and wait?

Thanks for your help!

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Have you received an official admission offer and an official funding offer from this program?

If you have not, you can write that you are still very much interested and that you will most probably accept (which is true, right?) but that you need to have their offer and funding details on paper before making such an important decision.

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