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UT Austin Dept. of Communication Studies

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Has anyone got a funding offer from UT Communication Studies??

I've just heard the department cannot offer me a financial aid.

The graduate coordinator told me if any funded student turns down UT, a funding offer could come up to me.

It's kinda distracting. I try not to think about it as the chance might be very low...

Does anybody know financial aid circumstance of UT Dept. of Communication Studies??

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I did not apply to Texas-Austin but I am curious to know about their funding. I researched this program when I was choosing schools to apply to.

Well, I think you still have chances! People reject offers all the time! Keep your chin up ;)

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PM me. I received funding offer from UT-Austin for Comm Studies and can probably answer any of your questions.


Do you have previous teaching experience? I thought that's one of important reasons why I couldn't get funding offer. The coordinator told me that If any funded student turns down the offer, unfunded students could replace the position. But, if teaching experience is an important criterion, I would not be considered. Anyway, I shouldn't expect that kind of luck but I don't want to give up all hope right now.

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