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Changing the title of one's honors thesis....


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I know this is a sort of random question, but as most of us here do tons of research I thought it would be a good audience to ask :)

So, for my honors thesis I had title A. Title A was okay, and I used it when I submitted to a few conferences for poster and paper presentations. I've been getting help with another faculty member who suggested I change the name of my thesis to title B which sounds a lot better. If I get around to publishing, I would certainly use title B. Additionally, this all happened when I had to submit a final title to put on my honors medallion (which i get at graduation and is what my thesis will always be known as) and I used title B.

This all happened during the craziness of the end of the semester and grad school apps so I never thought about the ramifications. Is this going to be a problem? Essentially, I'm presenting my thesis at conferences as one name, but it will be on my CV (and if I publish) as another. I really hope this isn't a huge problem but I feel like it could be...

Thanks for any insight!

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Perhaps the natural sciences are different, but I don't think there would be a problem in my field. I changed the name of my undergrad thesis, and, when working on my MA, developed two chapters into their own research papers. In my SoPs, I just talked about my overall research and mentioned the papers that had come from it. After you've done all the research for a thesis, you undoubtedly know more than just what you've written. Give yourself credit for it.

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I changed the titles of both my Honors Thesis and M.A. Thesis for different things (ie conference poster vs. public lecture vs. the thesis itself). No one thought it was a problem. In fact, the only comment I got about the title change (of my M.A. thesis) for a conference presentation was that it looked and sounded a lot better.

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Thank you all for the helpful and relieving replies!!

So, is it okay if I put two different titles on my CV? Like name of honors thesis is title B but under presentations I have title A for the same work?

Yes. That is how my CV is set up - it shouldn't be confusing for anyone reading it. They'll see that the thesis and the presentation are on the same topic, so likely related.

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