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I know there was already a "why does psychology take so much longer than every other department thread", but I'm not asking any questions, I just want a decision rendered.

So please, let out your frustrations about the wait. Comment on how long you're going to have to wait after the visit. Why, if they didn't invite you to the visit they don't just reject you right away? How you had to read the entire history of five different professors for a 25 minute one-on-one, just for them to look at you perplexed at the end and say "I didn't get that from your SOP"...well give me more than a page to describe everything then!

These are the things I am freaking out about. I just need an acceptance, or a rejection, or a message about being wait-listed.

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I had a dream last night that I got accepted to a school I kinda interviewed with. (It was a crazy dream, involving moving there, going to a bar, and being unable to buy a drink because the bar tender was too busy - ha!) Now, though, I am really anxious that maybe it's a sign I will hear something soon, like today. Stupid dreams. This is the second acceptance dream I've had so far. I'm hoping they are good omens, and not just my subconscious trying to look on the bright side.

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