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I got a Facebook message (yes, I found out about my acceptance through Facebook!) congratulating me on my acceptance to Texas A&M from a friend who is currently a graduate student there. I hadn't heard anything from them, so I wrote my friend back asking for details. She said she'd seen the DGS a few minutes before and that the DGS asked her if she knew me, since we'd completed our MAs at the same institution. I called the graduate office, and the person to whom I spoke said that letters conveying decisions to all applicants would be sent Thursday or Friday via snail mail.

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Ya'll! I guess I'd better start saying "ya'll" now because it looks like I got in!!! I am soooooo relieved. I applied to 10 programs, English with creative emphasis, and was freaking out that I wouldn't get into any of them. To have my first result be an acceptance is beyond belief. Thanks to everybody on the forums--your commiserating has kept me (relatively) sane. Anyways, it was just a basic "congratulations!" email, no specifics about funding or TAships--I'm assuming that stuff is on the way via snail mail. But I'm so, so happy, and I hope it happens for you guys. Never give up. I almost did. I was already looking for a job!

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