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Good Article -- The graduate school letter arrived..now what


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Crossedfingers, this is only my opinion that I honestly don't think that exchanging emails frequently with the school that you are interested in would affect much on the outcome of your application. Of course, it can be annoying at times and the schools are generally overloaded in March anyway. I have called the school I really wanted to get in almost once per week during the entire month of March! as well as emailing the advisors perhaps a couple times during that month, although no one ever replied to my emails........I think sometimes it is important to let the school know that you do take them seriously and they are your top choice. The bottom line is if we are indeed the top candidates, the school would accept us no matter how annoying we are. :lol: hehe. I am currently waitlisted at 3 schools that I have applied for.......... I am confident that all the emails and calls I made didn't affect a bit on my status. Most schools are being very supportive that they knew how frustrated we truly are. So, no worries, you didn't leave forever lasting "crazy emailer" impression. Things will work out no matter what. :D Best of Luck!!!!

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Wow nice. Especially the link to the SOP part... oh I wish I had that when I was applying back in the fall... my new MA SOP seemed to have met all the suggestions but still... Bookmarking it for my next round of apps! :)

Too bad you can't really play programs against each other when it comes to MA, I think...

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